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Sunday, August 1, 2010


there are still unclear about the routing ? actually routing is the process where by something was taken from one location to another. Real example of something that requires routing the letters, phone calls, train rides, and many other. On a network router is a device used to route network traffic.

to be able to perform routing, a router, or any entity that builds routing, perform the following steaps :
  1. knowing the destination address-the destination (address) where things are routed sent ?
  2. identifying the sources of routing information-from the sources (other routers) anywhere a router can learn routes to that destination ?
  3. finding routes-routes or routes whereever that may be passed through to reach destination address ?
  4. choosing a path or route-selecting the best path or route to reach the intended destination addres.
  5. maintain and bery routing information-do paths to a destination that has been known still valid and true ?
in a system of computer networks, routers learn the routing information from sources located it's routing in the routing table (routing table). Router to be guided by this table to indicate which ports are used to forward packets addressed to him.
  1. if the destination network is directly connected to the router, the router has to know which ports ae used to forward packets.
  2. if the destination network is not connected directly to the router, the router must learn the best routes to forward packets to the destination.
this route information can be learned by the routers in the two methods, namely :
  1. entered manually by a network administrator, called the static routes
  2. compiled by the dynamic processes running on the network, called the dynamic routes.


Router is device that can connect two or more different computer networks. Some router vendors is in the market are : cisco, 3Com and others. In addition to costum-made Router by Vendors-vendors there are also PC router is a PC (Personal Computer) that functions as a another network. Basically the router is a device that works on a computer network in the network layer of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection).

router routing table on which there are tables.

example of a router on the network structure :